Sploosh 10'6

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Experience the thrill of paddleboarding in style with our Sploosh inflatable boards. The shape of this board will bring comfort to your adventures and will please beginners and advanced paddlers. Made to explore all bodies of water, you will be able to navigate both rivers and lakes.

This board comes with matching accessories you’ll need to enjoy a full day of fun in the water, such as a double action pump, an adjustable paddle, a backpack, a removable center fin, a safety leash and a repair kit.

Measuring 10'6" long, 32" wide, and 6" thick, this paddleboard can hold up a maximum weight of 308lbs

Length : 10'6''
Width : 32″
Thickness : 6″
Max. Payload : 308 lbs
Volume : 300L
Net Weight : 20lbs
Max. Air Presure : 15psi

Literally everything you need for your summer

- Paddle board KOTI
- Double action pump
- Adjustable aluminum paddle
- Zip backpack
- Safety leach
- Removable center fin
- Reparation Kit

The Sploosh pattern was made by Oui Studio, a Montreal-based design agency.

Oui Studio is a creative agency based in Montreal. It's a team of passionate people who work together in a complementary way to help you experience the success of your business.

Inspired by the distinctive sound that the paddle makes when it hits the water, the Sploosh portable paddleboard comes in two cool colors, perfect for people with a heart for adventure and free-spirited folks who feel at home in the water.


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