Relax Au Max 11'

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Experience the thrill of paddleboarding in style with our Relax Au Max inflatable boards. The shape of this board will bring comfort to your adventures and will please beginners and advanced paddlers. Made to explore all bodies of water, you will be able to navigate both rivers and lakes.

This board comes with matching accessories you’ll need to enjoy a full day of fun in the water, such as a double action pump, an adjustable paddle, a backpack, a removable center fin, a safety leash and a repair kit.

Measuring 11' long, 33" wide, and 6" thick, this paddleboard can hold up a maximum weight of 308lbs

Length : 11'
Width : 33″
Thickness : 6″
Max. Payload : 330 lbs
Volume : 335L
Net Weight : 22lbs
Max. Air Presure : 15psi
Construction: Double Layer

Literally everything you need for your summer

- Paddle board KOTI
- Double action pump
- Adjustable aluminum paddle
- Zip backpack
- Safety leach
- Removable center fin
- Reparation Kit

Relax To The Max was designed by June "Boycott" Barry, an established multidisciplinary artist in the Montreal art and music scene. Her work focuses on space, lighting, and bold colours, as evidenced by the illustration of the resting woman on this paddleboard.


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